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Anatomy of a Craigslist Sale

May 18, 2008

I sell (and buy) furniture on Mpls Craigslist all the time.  Now I’m driving to Elk River to buy a pair of really great caned chairs that the owners described as “paded and ratan” and also “green”.  They are peacock blue tufted caned chairs in what appears to be fabulous condition.  They are $10 each.  I think I could easily get $100 for the pair.  I feel guilty because my friend Karen found them, but once they were listed refused to go get them even when I offered to drive us in the Neon because it was too far.  It is far, it’s like 40 miles, but even with gas that still makes it maybe a $40 investment with a potential to more than double it.  I need to gamble here folks.

Off I go, and I will post the photos and describe the purchase as part 2 of the anatomy of a CL sale.