Anatomy of a CL Sale IV: Success!

So it wasn’t until I lowered the listing price to $50 for the pair two days later that I got the magic e-mail, with “still got’em?” in the subject line. The buyer’s email went on to say “Hi…just saw the two chairs…any chance we could look at them today? ” which is great, but would have been even better if a phone number had been included. She would have been by before noon, but I had to go out and work on a project at 11:00, so we played phone tag until she came Saturday morning to buy them for her daughter. I do love a buyer who knows they want what they are looking at from the ad, and says that they want to come buy. In a situation where you have multiple responses, that’s ideal.

Here’s the next set of chairs for sale.  Same price as the peacock ones- nicer quality, shorter drive.  These are listed for $70.



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