ACLS Part 2

Here are the peacock blue chairs-

anatomy of a craigslist sale part 2

So my drive out to Elk River went without a hitch, and in spite of being able to come as early on Sunday as the seller might like- they had said 11:00, and then said I could look for their garage sale signs. Well, I asked since I was driving out from Mpls if they were likely to sell the chairs to another party before I got there, and the gentleman said he’d put them aside, but I sort of thought that wasn’t likely. So I just headed out, not to be too obnoxiously earlier than 11, but still. I got there at 10:40. The chairs were right there in the driveway- no sold sign or anything, but not a lot of folks about either. I nabbed them, put them into my little back seat (I knew they’d fit since I’d hauled a pair of these chairs before) and went to the Elk River Goodwill which was about to open at 11:00. I found a nice, big Syrocco mirror at Goodwill for $15. I found another chair I could’ve sold too, but I would have had to leave Paulina in Elk River.

Paulina wanted to stop at Fleet Farm on our way home and so we did (since they usually have a great garden center, and really inexpensive glazed pots- the plants were actually expensive, but I did buy a regal geranium in chocolate) and when we got to the car, my passenger side front tire was almost flat! None of the gas stations in the immediate vicinity had air pumps, so I ran into the Fleet Farm tire service and begged for their mercy. They totally filled me up.


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